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LED Lamps
LED Lamps

LED lamps have a number of advantages over compact fluorescent lamps and incandescent light bulbs.

  • expected life time of tens of thousands of hours
  • five to ten times better efficiency compared to incandescent light bulbs
  • RoHS compliant, mercury free
  • low sensitivity to temperature and humidity
  • switching does not reduce life time
  • high mechanical durability due to no glass used
  • low heat emission
  • dimmable

LED lamps come in many different shapes as bulbs, tubes and panels for direct screw-in replacement, assembly in ceilings or built into light fixtures.

Because of their excellent properties and versatile applications LED lamps will likely replace conventional lamps to a large extent within the next years.


Product Service

We source, customize and export battery and photovoltaic products as well as LED lamps from Taiwan and China.

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