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Product Service

Songfuli offers the services you would expect from your own representative or purchase office.

For an independent information about Songfuli, please look at the box Directory Listings on our About Us page.

Supplier Evaluation

Suppliers and manufacturers can be found easily in online directories and Internet trading platforms. However from these kind of sources only some basic data can be obtained, which might not be sufficient to enter into a business relationship. In contrast, Songfuli can provide much deeper information about a supplier, such as company history, financial background and business situation.

Production Coordination

Often a product consists of components from several different manufacturers and suppliers. This requires that someone is locally present to coordinate the flow of information and material. Songfuli can reach suppliers in Taiwan within hours and in China by short direct flights.

Quality Control

During different phases of manufacturing and assembling we visit the factories for inspection and testing. Our experience has shown that many quality problems can be avoided at an early stage by personal cooperation and mutual trust.

Shipment Handling

We take care of our clients logistics needs, from sample shipments to larger consignments with goods from multiple sources. Beside our clients and suppliers this also involves working with freight forwarders, customs brokers and government agencies. Our local presence makes it possible to work together efficiently with these different parties.